Our fellowship commenced on the 26th April 2011, a Tuesday prayer meeting held in Florida at Bro Partson's house. The sermon preached that night was, "Remembrance brings about thanksgiving, which establishes a relationship". During June 2011 we commenced nominations for a Pastor and in July 2011 we formally elected Bro David Gonsalves as our Pastor. This was followed by elections for the officers of Deacons and Trustees. Bro Alroy Kelly and Bro Israel Phiri was elected as deacons and Bro David Du Preez as Treasurer/Trustee.

We are convinced that there is a need for the Message of the Hour to be represented within the area, Florida and the greater Roodepoort, as the closest assembly in any direction is 35km. We believe that the Lord has placed us in Florida for His purpose to be fulfilled through us, trusting that even if we're in the area for one soul, that that soul would be worth it all.


Our Mission

To be a shining light to a dark and dreary world within our area of influence. To maintain the highest standards as taught by our beloved prophet William Marrion Branham.

Excellence in every avenue

Our prayer and our aim is higher ground! We believe by God's grace we can fulfil His will through every avenue in our local assembly, delivering excellence by His strength and might in all the spheres in our local assembly, including but not necessarily limited to:

- The ministry through our Pastor and the supporting ministers

- The deacons

- The trustees

- The musicians

- The youth

- The sunday School

- The evangelism programme